Network for Surviving Stalking is a registered UK Charity. Our aim is to provide clear advice and information about stalking behaviours, so they are recognised as early as possible, enabling those affected to seek help as soon as possible. We aim to work with third sector partners, stakeholders, the media and the public to achieve our aims.


 Think You Might Be Being Stalked?

If someone's behaviour towards you is making you feel uncomfortable, you should take it seriously. Stalking is against the law and you can get help. Visit our brand new web-site for more information.


If you want to speak to someone about a situation that's happening to you, there's also help. You can contact The National Stalking Helpline Tel: 0808 802 0300  or email

Paladin is the National Stalking Advisory Service. Call them on  0207 840 8960 or email 

Digital Trust supports those affected by digital abuse, cyberbullying, harassment, stalking and trolling.


Want to have your say on stalking? 

We are carrying out an online public consultation about stalking and would like to hear from you - whether you're a professional working to help those affected; whether you've been affected by stalking behaviour or whether you're simply interested in improving the way that stalking is communicated about.

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