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Our Mission:

Network for Surviving Stalking is internationally recognised as the leading Registered Charity in the United Kingdom dedicated to supporting victims of stalking, free of cost or commercial gain. It aims to provide support to victims, potential victims and others affected by stalking throughout the UK, to raise awareness of the subject and to provide information about stalking to professionals, relevant agencies and the public.

Think You Might Be Being Stalked?

 If someone's behaviour towards you is making you feel uncomfortable, you should take it seriously.

You might think you're making a 'fuss over nothing' but stalking starts with ‘petty or trivial” incidents - for example repeatedly being sent texts or emails, phone calls or being followed.

It's tempting to ignore the problem and hope it goes away; especially if it's someone you know, like an ex-boyfriend or husband - maybe the father of your children BUT experience tells us that reporting this behaviour as soon as you feel worried is the best way to protect everyone concerned. 

Stalking is against the law in the UK. There is help available. You will be listened to.


What You Should Do.

The National Stalking Helpline  can help.  Call the team on 0808 802 0300  

or email

This web-site contains information that can help you work out if you’re being stalked and whether you may be in danger. It also contains advice about what to expect if you contact the police about a stalking case.